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Chemical Manufacturing

Chemicals are air classified according to size or density. Air classification provides the most effective means for separating a product from a feed stream, for dedusting, or when used in conjunction with grinding equipment for increasing productivity.

Chemicals can be reduced in particle size with Sturtevant’s crushers and mills. The crushers are best-suited for controlling the reduction of friable materials to granules where fines are undesirable. Crushers also reduce particle size for fine grinding to coarse crushing capabilities. Jet mills, air classifying impact mills and pin mills are used in various degrees of impact and agitation to grind and classify those materials.

Agricultural chemicals, epoxy powder coatings, magnesium hydroxide, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pigments, propellants, plastics, resin, toner, bromines and hydrated lime are a few examples of chemicals that often need to be size reduced or air separated.

Sturtevant has been processing materials in crushing, grinding, blending and air classifying equipment since 1883. If you would like to receive assistance with your processing application, please contact us.