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Oral powders, injectable powders, inhalation powders, topical powders, excipients, vitamin compounds, cell cultured powders, amino acid powders, enzyme powders, peptide powders and lactose are some of the ingredients that often need to be size reduced in the pharmaceutical industry.

Sturtevant’s Solution: Pharmaceutical Micronizer®

The Pharmaceutical Micronizer is the first jet mill listed by the USDA for the sanitary design and fabrication of milling equipment.

The Pharmaceutical Micronizer’s Open Manifold Design allows complete access to the internal material grinding chamber and compressed air chamber for easy cleaning, product changeover or inspection. The Pharmaceutical Micronizer has no moving parts, no jet nozzles and has quick release clamps for easy disassembly by hand without tools.

  • Mill to Low Micron particle sizes
  • Spherical uniform particle shape
  • Better control properties
  • Narrow size distribution
  • No heat or contamination

Pharmaceutical Micronizer® Features

  • Documentation to support FDA validation
  • Sanitary design requires no tools – disassembles by hand
  • Accessibility to all internal areas for easy washing, autoclaving or swabbing
  • Consistent control adjustments for repeatability
  • Fluid filled gauges pre-calibrated for easier validation

The following Sturtevant products process pharmaceutical powders:

Pharmaceutical Micronizer

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